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Omar Regan uses entertainment and humor to promote tolerance and diversity, and aims to build bridges across racial, religious, and social divides.

His first stand up comedian appearance was in November 1999 in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. After being booed off stage the first two times, the third time Omar Regan got his first laugh and fell in love with stand-up comedy.

The next few years Regan went through the ups and downs of Stand-up comedy and found his groove by 2005 where Stand-up comedy scouts invited him to perform at the world famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Omar Regan then was scouted by agents for VH1's reality series titled "Fight for Fame" which earned him a Hollywood agent in 2006. His agent promised a Comedy Central special if you went “dirty” with his comedy act. (ie. use of profanity, explicit content etc). Regan strongly disagreed based on his vision of wanting to do comedy where a whole family could laugh together.  Based on these creative differences, the agency eventually dropped him, and he decided to become independent.  

In 2008 Omar Regan performed comedy for Al-Jazeerah and was invited to perform Stand-up in the Muslim World. This was a game-changer.


Omar Regan is now a veteran comedian and has earned a strong fan base in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia and is among the top ten comedians in the Muslim World using comedy to promote tolerance, diversity and aims to build bridges across racial, religious and social divides.

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