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In 2015 Omar Regan officially became a screenplay writer and film director. Looking for his big break in Hollywood while just coming off an international Muslim Comedy Tour, Omar had an epiphany. He realized he had a niche fan base that is not served in Hollywood. Muslims could make our own movies. Omar Regan then founded and introduced the world to his film company dedicated to presenting an authentic narratives of his life experiences, his fan base, and Muslims worldwide called "Halalywood" 

Omar independently wrote the script, crowdfunded the budget, produced, starred and directed his first feature film titled "American Sharia", an action/comedy feature film starring Eric Roberts and well known celebrities in the Muslim world. 

Omar's first film was accepted in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and 2017's Gothenburg film festival in Sweden. Omar then independently went on  screening tours of his film in the UK, South Africa, Trinidad, and across the United States. 

Omar Regan loved the Writer/Director process and since then have completed Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee's Directing Master Classes, along with Aaron Sorkin and Shonda Ryhmes writing Master Classes and is preparing to make a strong statement with his next film. It's proven Hollywood doesn't know the sensitivities of this niche.  With over a billion worldwide,  now is the best time to connect Halalywood to Hollywood fan base and target audience an audience of 1.7 billion waiting to hear their narratives correctly told. 

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